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Using the Multiline Purchase Order Macro

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Cataloging module

  • Open the Cataloging module. Be sure dup detection profile is set to OCLC Add Conditional. Search OCLC via the OCLC client, or via the Z39.50 protocol (importing records with remote search).

    • Run Macro Express (control/shift/p ) to add the 904 statistics field (as “imported approval”) and save the record
    • If no OCLC record found :

    • Create your brief record:   Follow the procedure at Record Creation from Templates. Use the Order Book or Order Serial template as appropriate. Be sure to validate any author heading.

    • Run Macro Express (control/shift/p) to add the 904 statistics  field to the record (as “input approval”). Hint: Be sure to fill in 490 if book is part of a series, and to check the 008 field for appropriate language and date.

  • Save the bibliographic record to the database.

  • Note down the bibliographic ID # by the title on your invoice. This is only necessary if you do not use the Order and Add line to order macros.

  • Note on the invoice any location which varies from the default location for your approval plan.

  • Create a holdings record with the appropriate location.

  • Create an item record with the status “In process”.

  • Write the appropriate fund number and  item record number in the book.

    • Any book that will be going to hold or to Cataloging will need an item piece label.

Continue until you have created bibliographic records for all items on the invoice, including any items to be returned (unless an exactly matching bibliographic record already exists). Catalog books if appropriate. Deliver books to designated shelves as per sorting procedures.

N.B. For added copies, create a new mfhd for the existing bibliographic record, following posted procedures

Acquisitions module

  • Set defaults (especially for copy/funds)

  • Create new p.o. header using:

    • Order type approval.

    • Order location, ship to and bill to of Acqord.

    • Be sure vendor code used is the appropriate approval vendor code.

    • Check the Account button and choose either Approval or Deposit Account, if there is one.

    • Be sure currency is correct. If possible, use USD in preference to foreign currency.

    • See Approval Vendor Table for appropriate values.

  • Add lines by using Line item>add>by bib id (or faster: ALT/LAD.) Check the title/ISBN after adding the line to be sure you have the correct book.

  • Use the list price, not the discounted selling price, when creating the purchase order. Invoice unit staff will check list price and discounts, following standard unit procedures.

  • On each line check to be sure that you are linked to the correct holdings record.

    The easiest way to check the holdings is to open the Quick line item display and look at the link to holdings field. It should have a call number in it.  If not, click on the link to holdings ellipsis and see what location the approval copy was cataloged for.  This must be done while the order is still pending. Once the order is approved, you must check mfhds in the Cataloging module. If necessary, delete the prompted location/fund information and start again to link to the correct location.

    It is crucial that the approval p.o. be linked to the correct holdings record. If it is not, it will appear in the OPAC that there are multiple copies.

  • On each line change the line item type to Approval

  • Check the bottom line figure on the purchase order to make sure it matches the bottom line on the invoice (this will not add up if there are discounts on the invoice).

  • Approve the purchase orderr, being careful to uncheck Print purchase order, and check Receive on approve.

Creating a Returns or Missing books purchase order

A second purchase order must be created for any approval titles being returned. See procedure at Approval Returns Purchase Order. For approval plans with No returns, see the procedure for processing duplicates or rejected titles.

Finishing Up

Write the vendor code and the Purchase Order number(s) on the invoice. Deliver complete invoices to the designated spot in Order Division.  Deliver returns (with invoices included) to the designated spot in Order Division.

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