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Importing Records

Records can be imported into Voyager either using the remote searching via the Z39.50 protocol, or using the OCLC connexion client.

Importing records with the Export button

  1. In the Cataloging module, on the menu bar click on Options>Preferences>General. From the drop-down menu by the Bibliographic Import/Replace profile, select OCLCAddConditional if you are working on orders or creating new records for approvals. Or, select BBIDMerge if you are going to overlay existing records. Then click on OK.
  2. Start an OCLC session. When you identify a record you need, click on the Export button.
  3. In the Cataloging module, on the menu bar click on Record >Import>From New file>[choose your export file from OCLC] for first import of the session. Subsequently choose From previous file. Select one or more records and import them.
  4. You now have a bibliographic screen in Voyager. Note the “Imported Remote Bib ID#” in the title bar. If it is the item you want, add a 904 using Macro Express for new records and a 902 for records being cataloged. Then click on the Boat icon to save the record to the database.
  5. At this point you may receive a message telling you the name of the Import/Replace profile which is selected on your workstation.  Unless you wish to change the prompted profile, click on No. Once the record is saved, the Title bar displays “Bib ###### [Title]”
  6. If you see a duplication warning box STOP and ask your supervisor how to proceed.

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