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Monograph Added Copy Processing

This procedure applies to monographs only.  Other formats should be referred to a Cataloging Team Leader as they may need to be differently coded on the mfhd.

1. Create or Update MFHD

If the title was ordered through Voyager, there will be an existing brief mfhd for it. If not (for example, for a gift) you will need to create a new holdings record. Add fields to the 852 in this order:

|b (location)
|t (copy number, for any copy beyond the first. Copy 50 and higher used for reserve)
|c (Oversize if required. Also put size symbol at end of call number)
|h (class number)
|i (cutter number)

|h and |i can be copied and pasted from an existing headings record for a different location.

Certain items may need location changes or call number changes to comply with local practice. These correspond to items that need special treatment in LC cataloging – for example, a book ordered for location F with a call number in the range of  PA1-PA899 automatically gets a location change to CLAS. 

Some books will need call number decisions. These records should NOT be automatically added as new copies. You should follow the established LC cataloging procedure in the above document to have a call number assigned to the title.

2. Create or Update item record

Set at item type GEN.  If the status on the item says “in process”, remove that status:

  • Click on Graph icon in lower left corner 
  • Highlight In Process in the upper window
  • Click on the red down arrow to move it to the lower window
  • Click OK

3.  Statistics

Submit statistics via the online form at

4. Write The Call Number In The Book

Follow established procedure for  placement of the call number.

Each period in the call number means you should drop down a line. The space in the middle of  the cutter number should be eliminated.  Also drop down a line for the date at the end of the field.

5. Deliver the Book

Charge book to Labeling & Plating (bound) or Prebindery (unbound) and deliver to the Cataloging truck on the second floor outside Labeling & Plating.  Bound and unbound items should be separate from each other.  Supervisors of each unit in Order Division have barcoded cards for charging.

Rush items should instead be delivered to the rush shelves in Labeling & Plating.