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Overlaying records in Voyager

Overlaying records in Voyager will be accomplished by copying the Voyager bib ID number of the existing Voyager record into a 999 field on the incoming record.  There is a macro in the "voymacs" macro file to simplify the process.

First make sure your bibliographic import/replace profile is set to BBID Merge and no records are open, then:

  1. Open the existing Voyager record
  2. Import the OCLC or RLIN record (either from a work file or by searching a remote database)
  3. Tile the two records
  4. Make the existing Voyager record the active record by clicking on it
  5. Activate the macro with Ctrl+Sh+y
  6. [The macro will copy the Voyager id number, then it will display a message box asking you to click on the incoming record to make it active and press Resume, then it will create a 999 field and paste the Voyager id number into this new field.]

  7. When prompted by the macro, highlight the incoming record by clicking on it then click the Resume button on the prompt
  8. Check to make sure that the 999 field was properly created on the incoming record, then click on the sailboat (or press Ctrl+B)

    [If the 999 field was not properly created, delete the 999 field and run the macro again]

You should get a message that you have successfully merged with record xxxxx as with past overlay procedures.  If you do not, there is a problem that should be resolved before starting another record.