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Finding Funds in Voyager Acquisitions

The fund structure in Voyager is set up in “ledgers”.  It can be accessed in two different ways:

  • Search for a ledger and navigate to a fund to see the commitments and expenditures on a given fund.
  • Navigate through the ledgers and funds to attach a particular fund to an order or invoice.

Fund Hierarchy

Voyager fund structure is hierarchical and consists of several different types of fund.

Ledger – This is the highest level in the hierarchy.  It refers to an entire departmental fund structure. There is a new set of ledgers for each fiscal year ; the ledgers for the previous fiscal year provide a snapshot view of the total years’ expenditures.

In FY 2004 we have 4 ledgers: the 690 1000 ledger for Library book funds in the 1000 series(the funds you are accustomed to using) ; the 690 2000 ledger for teaching awards and other mixed use funds in the 2000 series ; the 090 ledger (income funds) ; and the 855 ledger for Archive funds (funds beginning with 855-). The symbol for a ledger is a red square.

Ledger summary fund– This is the second level of the hierarchy. It summarizes the spending in all the funds within a particular ledger. There is one ledger summary fund for each ledger. The symbol for a ledger summary fund is also a red square.

Summary fund– This is the third level of the hierarchy.  It is a broad subject description of a group of funds and summarizes the spending in all those funds. There are several summary funds in a ledger. The symbol for a summary fund is also a red square. In other words, all funds that summarize the activities of other funds are indicated as red squares. 

Allocated fund– This is the fourth level of the hierarchy.  It is a fund that actually receives and dispenses money. These funds are the equivalent of the 4-digit funds numbers we are accustomed to: for example, 1407 for Engineering, 1203 for Art, etc. The symbol for an allocated fund is a blue triangle. 

Reporting fund– This is the lowest level of the hierarchy.   This is the fund that is actually attached to an order or invoice.  It is the equivalent of the fund-object code combination that used in Geac and Nuprices. Reporting funds do not have any money in them ; any money spent against a reporting fund is deducted from the allocated fund to which it belongs.  The allocated fund shows the spending of all the reporting funds attached to it. The symbol for a reporting fund is a yellow circle.

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