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Summary of Ledger and Fund Changes in Voyager for FY15

Replacement reporting funds no longer used : replacements will be purchased on the same fund as the original purchase


Change in policy usage of Subscription and E journal reporting funds

  • Online only : Charge to ej (or mdf or ebk)
  • Online and print, single annual charge : Charge to ej
  • Online and print,separately charged : must have separate PO lines for print (sub) and online (ej)
  • Print only: sub
  • Serial single issue replacement orders : charge to sub (formerly mon)

New rare material reporting funds for material which maintains value or appreciates in value, and is housed in protected location

  • Rare map (rmap)
  • Rare monograph (rmon)
  • Rare score (rsco)

Change in policy usage of scores reporting funds

  • All scores regardless of method of acquisition to be code as scores (sco). Formerly some continuations were coded as mcs or sto.