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Guide to Sorting Monographic Receipts and Gifts

“Hold locations”

SA hold: RCPPJ
SA CJK hold: SA in East Asian Languages
SA hold: SA (brief or vendor copy only)
SAPH (brief or vendor copy only)
SAX (sent directly to Cataloging Unit 1 to be cataloged)
MUSIC: Recordings are held by the Music Library
F hold: AAS, ANXA, ARAB    
GEST( brief copy non-CJK)    










Description of the hold area (located at 693 Alexander)

All the materials sent here are organized by alphabet into several separate groups or"holds"--ROMAN, GREEK, ARABIC, PERSIAN, HEBREW and TURKISH.

Within each hold, books are arranged by their receipt or item number. All books are still accessible for in-process circulation during this period).

After their respective "hold periods," the books are systematically retrieved by CAMS staff, researched on OCLC for copy and sent forward for cataloging.

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