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Processing Invoices with Deductions

Use the basic invoice procedure in Monographic Invoices.

1. Adjustments: the final adjustment must be a deduction equal to the net price of the item being deducted from the invoice, so that the line equals $0.

2. Put a note in the line item note explaining the reason for the deduction and what is being done with the book, including the date..

3. Highlight the deducted line and open up the Details display to the Notes tab. Copy and paste the note from step 2 to the purchase order line item note.

4. If the item is to be returned and is a monograph, with no future book expected:

  • Highlight the line item

  • Open up the Details display, to the Receive/Mark tab

  • Click to highlight the box to the left of the item

  • Click on receive

  • Click again to highlight the box to the left of the item

  • Choose the Mark reason “Return” from the drop-down list

  • Click on Mark

  • Save and close.

    If the item is a volume of a standing order, or any other piece is still expected, we can not actually process it as a returned line.

5. Put paperwork and book on assigned shelf in the invoice unit.

6. Supervisor or designated personnel will actually process the returns letter (see procedure Processing Returns Letters).