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Using Macro Express for Statistical Counting

The Macro Express program,when opened, shows up as a red capital M on the lower right hand corner of your desktop.

This program is used for statistical counting of many of the items previously counted on statistics sheets.

For all new records created in Voyager Cataloging (orders, approvals, MCS, gift) you need to created a 904 line before saving the record to the database.

To use Macro Express for creating a 904 line:

  • Control/shift/p to bring up the statistics form. “Imported” refers to records imported from RLIN via Z39.50.  “Input” refers to new brief records created from templates.
  • Choose the appropriate category and double-click on the line, or type in the line number
  • On the second screen, choose the appropriate format for the material you are processing and click on OK.

Note: The LC cataloging category is ONLY for new records you are creating and doing the LC cataloging on, such as gifts, approvals or MCS’s.  Click first on LC cataloging to add a 902; then when the screen reappears click on imported … and continue with the rest of  the macro.