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Creating Vendor Records

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Guidelines for Creating and Closing Vendor records

1. Code – Input in all uppercase

Use some form of the name for vendors in the US. For foreign vendors, use the MARC country code for the first 2-3 letters of the code, then add some recognizable part of the name.

2. Name – Input in Title case

For serial items ordered direct, if at all possible set up the vendor record under the issuing body, not under the name of the journal, as was prevalent in Geac. This caused many of our duplicate vendor  records.

Corporate bodies should be set up hierarchically, starting with the most general level (e.g. Princeton University. Department of Economics , NOT Dept. of Economics, Princeton University)

3. Type, claim and cancellation intervals

Choose or fill in appropriate values. Default book vendor values are 120 days for claim interval, 600 for cancellation.  Shorter periods may be appropriate for rush or antiquarian dealers.

4. Addresses

The first address you input will prompt as Order / Payment / Return / Claim.  If any of these should not be checked for the address in hand, be sure to uncheck them. The vendor’s name does NOT need to be repeated on the address screen. The first line of the address should go in the red-tagged Address line.

If you have multiple addresses, click on New to add your next address. Don’t forget to include email contacts.

5. Phone/fax/web addresses from Nuprices

These were loaded into Address #1. Put any such numbers into Address #1 unless you know they refer only to a different address (e.g. if payment address is address 2 and there is a phone number specific to accounts payable). New web information is added as an “Other” phone number.



    1. Leave vendor code as is so that it matches the OnBase records.

    2. At the end of the vendor name add "Don't Use".

    3. On address #1, write "DO NOT USE" in the attention line. If there is a new vendor to use, write "USE [CODE] in the Title/Dept. line.

    4.Copy the Institution ID into the Notes tab along with an explanatory note and the date. Save using the SAVE button at the bottom right corner of the Notes. Clear the Institution ID field.

    5. Uncheck the Order, Return and Claim addresses.