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Brittle Books Replacement Project

The Brittle Books Replacement Project involves a relatively small collection of books that have been removed from the circulating stacks because of their poor physical condition. These items are usually identified upon a circulation transaction as being too fragile, seriously damaged, or in such physical deterioration to allow for further circulation.

The books are first forwarded to Collection Development staff or the appropriate subject bibliographer or selector who decides how to pursue replacing these items.

Acquiring a replacement copy through the Order Division is often the selectors' first option. This is initated by placing an order for a new print copy, or, more often, a reprint, another edition, or a microform copy of the original title from another source or holding library. Order Unit staff verifies availability and places a new order.

The order number is recorded on a slip in the book and is charged through the circulation system to ORDER DIVISION/REPLA. The original is then placed on special Replacement Project shelves, arranged by purchase order numbers, in the Order Unit.

Upon receipt of the replacement copy or edition, it is given to the Monograph Acquisitions Unit supervisor who retrieves the original, discharges it through the circulation system and forwards both original and replacement to the Replacement Project Unit shelves in Cataloging Unit 5.

At this point, the original is withdrawn (assuming a worthy replacement has been obtained) and the replacement copy is sent on to be cataloged.

Should this ordering process fail (i.e item unavailable), the order is cancelled, original is retrieved and returned to PSCD for a decision on how to replace the original.

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