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Rush Order Searching and Ordering

1. Check Books in Print online or the appropriate equivalent for books published outside the US to determine if the book you need is available.    

Record found and title in print : Note down the price and ISBN as listed (For first copies, we prefer hardcover: for reserve duplicates we prefer paperback.)   Also check for publisher / distributor information.

Record not found: try searching for a publisher’s website. 

Record found and title out of print: Do not pursue any further. Email information about title and number of copies to designated person in Order Division for further consideration.

2. In Voyager Cataloging, search for the book. Note that sometimes it is tricky to distinguish between a new edition and a straight reprint, given the Books in Print information or information from a publisher website.  Sometimes examining various libraries’ records on RLIN will help make this distinction. Also, if you cannot find a paperback book in RLIN or OCLC as a separate record, and it was published within a year or two of a hardcover edition, it is probably a reprint rather than a new edition.

Voyager record not found: import or input a record following standard procedures.

Voyager record found:  Check holdings to see if this location (Res, SARP, SPIA, etc) has a copy.

Location has copy: create a new mfhd (holdings record) for that location. Note down the Bib ID for use in the order.

Location does not have a copy : note down the Bib ID. Do not create a new mfhd. The mfhd will be automatically added upon creation of the order.

Be sure that the ISBN you want to print on the order (usually paperback) is the first isbn in the record. (You can right click on the 020 field and choose “move this field up by one” if necessary).

Special case: When purchasing for Firestone reserves, the first copy goes into location F and any further copies go into location RES. Therefore, if we already have reserve duplicates, you would need to create a new mfhd for RES; if we have only a copy for F, you would not need to create a new mfhd for RES.

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