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Cancellations and Redirecting - Policy

Firm Orders

Firm orders : If the original vendor is not able to supply an order, cancel the order and copy it to place a new order with a new vendor. Do not update the vendor on the original to send the order to a new vendor.
Exception : If Blackwells Book Services notifies us that an order to EBNA or BNA will be supplied by BHBL or vice versa, it is acceptable to put a note in the order and update the vendor, since they are the same company.

Procedure :

  • Cancel the original order. Include a line item note explaining the reason for the cancellation
  • Copy the original order.
  • Update the vendor code on the new order and put in a line item note "Reorder of..."
  • Be sure all fields match current standards and current fund.



The vendor may be changed on continuations orders. This allows the receipt history to be retained when a title is sold to a new publisher, a subcription agent account changes hands, etc.

  • Be sure to include in the line item note information about the volume or time period covered by the change of vendor, for example, "Redirected to Harr for vol.10 and following" , "redirected to Ebsco for 2003 & following", etc.
  • When issuing claims check this information carefully to determine who the claim should be sent to. When necessary, claims may be sent to the original vendor by changing the vendor code on the claim itself.