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Price confirmations

1. Determine whether you need to contact the selector. 

If the price is $150.00 or less, or, if the price is not more than $100.00 over the price on the order, the order may be confirmed automatically.  Go to step 4.

2. Consulting the selector

a. E-mail

Open the Order Division e-mail account and use the “Price confirmation” e-mail template.  Fill in the order number, brief bibliographic information and price. Send the template to the appropriate selector (you may determine the selector by examining the location or fund number on the purchase order.)

If you are accessing the OrderDiv account via Webmail, you can use copy/paste into a new message to send the template message.

Go to the Sent mail folder. Find the message you just sent and file it in the Price Confirmations folder.  If you are working on a confirmation request sent to the OrderDiv account via email, file it also in the Price Confirmations folder.

b. Voyager Acquisitions

On the purchase order, update the line item note “Price increase, checking with [selector initials][date][your initials].”  If the currency of the quoted new price is the same as the currency on the purchase order header, update the price on the order using Line item menu>edit approved. If the currency is different, include the new price information in the line item note.

3. Monitor the Order Division e-mail account once a day to check for an answer. 

Selectors should give an answer within 10 days. If you do not receive an answer, automatically confirm the order after 10 days. 

When you get an answer, delete both messages (the query in the Price confirmations folder and the selector’s answer, if received). 

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