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Posting vendor reports in Voyager

These instructions are for informational reports only.  They do not include Cancellations. Also, if you have a report that seems to require an answer from us, return it to supervisor.

1. Search for record by order number. If no order number is available, search by other bibliographic information.

2. Be sure the title, vendor and order number on the slip match the online record. Check the order type . If it is anything other than “Firm order”, STOP and return slip to Supervisor.

3. Check the status of the order. The easiest way to do this is to look at the title bar of  the order window. If it is received or cancelled, STOP and return slip to Supervisor.

4. If the order is open (approved), click on the Quick Line Item box, and in the large note field, post the report.  Common abbreviations that may be used are as follows:

NYP – not yet published
NYR – not yet received
OS – out of stock
OP-Searching  – out of print, searching

If the report includes an expected delivery date, include that date in the message.  You should initial and date the note also. (Use the date on the report itself). Please use the following format for dates: YYYY-MM-DD. For example,

2002-01-30 NYP, no date, cjf
2001-12-22 OS , due 2002-01-01, cjf