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Princeton Binding Policy
Monographs acquired for the remote storage facility, ReCAP, are not bound after cataloging. Journal issues are bound regardless of the availability of content online.

Soft cover monographs and single issue serials meeting the following criteria will not be bound for general collections:

  • Spine title on volume
  • Spine is squared and leaves are firmly attached
  • Paper cover provides adequate protection to prevent damage from shelving
  • Volume is not so heavy or large that it would be easily damaged in falling from a shelf or truck
  • There are no loose pages or inserts to the volume


Volumes in the following conditions will continue to be bound for the general collections. These will be bound to preservation standards, either in picture cover (original cover color-copied and fused on boards), in paper standard (cloth on boards), or pamphlet binding (small format items).
  • Lacking a spine title or any cover over the text block
  • Is stapled, spiral bound, or has loose leaves, parts, or inserts*
  • Flimsy, fragile, on poor quality paper*


*In some cases binding is contraindicated by the intended use of the material, for example loose leaf titles intended to be updated by insertion of pages; or situations where binding would damage the artifact. Selectors will be able to instruct staff not to bind by inserting a flag in the volume.


Any soft cover volume that shows signs of wear or damage can be referred from circulation and shelving units throughout the Library for binding to insure continued integrity, just as hard cover books now are treated for rebinding.




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