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In order to maximize efficiency and minimize handling of physical items and paperwork in Technical Services, some "Acquisitions" functions are performed by staff outside of Order Division, and some "Cataloging" functions are performed by staff outside of Catalog Division. At the same time, we recognize that it is difficult to maintain high quality standards when staff perform detailed and painstaking work on an infrequent basis. Therefore, such "crossover" work is limited in nature.

Cataloging work performed by Order Division staff:

Copy cataloging for monographs- LC or PCC copy only, using the WIN-G macro. The copy must be coded as LC or PCC and must have an 050 field. Any other copy is forwarded to Catalog Division. Order Division staff are not authorized to do any other copy cataloging, or use any other macro in conjunction with cataloging or creating a 902 field.

G level staff, if so trained and certified, may do LC or member copy cataloging of new serials and booksets. All other staff forward such material to Catalog Division staff.

Under no circumstances may Order Division staff overlay a previously cataloged record. Previously cataloged may be defined as the existence of a 902 field in the bibliographic record or a call number in the holdings record. Any record which appears to need such updating must be forwarded to the appropriate Catalog Division staff. Overlaying records is rare in Order Division as the current policy is not to do copy searching upon receipt. Such copy searching is done by Catalog Division staff when material is sent forward for cataloging.

Serials adding for continuations : Order Division staff update holdings on the mfhd record. They may also add a 5xx contents note only for volume titles on bookset records, and if so certified, close a bookset record when fully published. Order Division staff are not certified to make any other changes to the bibliographic record of a cataloged bookset. Staff are not certified to make any changes to the bibliographic record of a cataloged serial.


Acquisitions work performed by Catalog Division staff:

Creation of approval purchase orders to process titles supplied on approval plans.

Some staff who process selected plans, and who are officially "certified" to do so, may create a continuation order for a bookset, if the first volume is received on approval. All other staff should include a slip or note on the invoice indicating the need for a continuation order to be placed.

Staff who identify a defective approval book upon receipt may in some cases place a firm order after consultation with the Approvals Coordinator or other Order Division manager. This ensures that vendors get proper instructions regarding the billing of the defective book.

Staff who are trained and certified to place firm orders may on rare occasions be requested to place a firm order if the langauge ability is lacking in Order Division staff.


Acquisitions work performed by other staff outside Order Division

Staff who are trained and certified by Order Division may participate in pilot projects in creating order requests online (in the form of pending orders). Order Division staff review the orders, assign appropriate vendors, and process the order.





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