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Policy: Order Division support for collection building via exchange

Order Division can support only very limited exchange for content that is not commercially available. Responsibility for establishing, evaluating, and monitoring the exchange rests with the selector. At a selector’s request Order Division can arrange for a print subscription to Annals of mathematics to be sent to an exchange partner or place occasional orders for monograph titles published by Princeton University Press to be shipped to an exchange partner.

All exchange expenses for outbound exchanges, including shipping, are billed to the subject fund. Material destined for Better World Books may not be used for outbound exchanges. Incoming exchange serial titles are checked in as part of the usual periodical receiving workflow. Incoming monographs will be addressed to and received by the selector. Items to be added to the collection will be delivered to Monograph Acquisitions Unit. Such monographs will be tracked in the acquisitions system using a standard purchase order, provided the receiving selector conveys the source information to Monograph Acquisitions Unit.




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