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Rush and Priority Orders


Order Division recognizes two categories of "Rush" order requests :

  • Red tag (Rush to order & rush process, either for reserve materials or for items needed immediately by a patron)
  • Green tag (Rush to order but not rush processing on receipt - usually items in antiquarian catalogs or other time-sensitive requests)

The normal procedure in Order Division is to process Rush orders (both Red & Green tagged) immediately upon receipt; that is, usually no more than 24 hours to search and 24 hours to order. Please specify the category for rush processing by checking the appropriate box provided on the Red and Green Rush tags when submitting your printed Rush requests

Given the volume of mail, both internal and external, processed and sorted in Order Division, we cannot overemphasize the importance of tagging your rush orders. We cannot guarantee that the material will be processed rush if it is not properly tagged. It is not sufficient to simply write "rush" or "priority" on the request.

Request additional red/green forms via email to Order Division.

If you wish to submit your rush order request electronically, see the Rush order form available on the Order Division Documentation/Forms site. Instructions for submitting the form via email are on the form itself.



The purpose of "Priority Order" slips is to identify particular orders to be placed at the front of the searching queue, rather than at the end in the order they are submitted. Note that such requests are not treated as Rush orders but will usually be processed within 1-2 weeks of the request. Remember that printed Priority order requests must be accompanied by a Priority Order tag. Each selector receives a limited number of these tags at the beginning of the fiscal year. These tags are to be used for individual titles, not catalogs.








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