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Subscription cancellations: Policy and calendar
Subscription payments represent advance commitment of funds for material to be published and supplied over time. Subscription cycles may vary, but the most common is a calendar year commitment beginning in January. In general publishers and subscription agents each require about eight weeks in advance of the beginning of the new subscription period to process renewal orders and cancellation requests. Order Division practice is to make use of subscription agencies as intermediaries between the Library and the publisher to the full extent possible.

Order Division also needs adequate time to prepare instructions to our agents regarding cancellations. Once the cancellation deadline has passed it is unlikely that cancellation will take effect before the end of the next renewal period. Publishers increasingly have "no cancellation" policies and the Order Division cannot request mid-term cancellation and refunds.



This calendar applies to the approximately 85% of our subscriptions that are billed during the period September through December for starts early in the following year. Subscription that have other start dates later in the calendar may be billed by agents or publishers at other times during the year.

April 15: report of paid subscriptions for previous (current) fiscal year to selectors for review

July 1: deadline for submission of cancellation request by selectors to Order Division for next renewal period

September 1: deadline for Order Division to submit cancellation instructions to agents Subscription cancellations may be submitted at any point during the year, but those received after July 1 may not take effect until the end of the following renewal cycle.




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