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When doing Acquisitions work, default preferences to be set in the Cataloging module include the RLINAddConditional deduping profile, item status of In process and item type of General. Most other settings are correct when installed by systems personnel or their designates.

Listed below are the appropriate settings for the Acquisitions module.

Click on Preferences icon, or click on Tools menu>preferences

Colors and Fonts:

No changes to this palette unless font size needs to be enlarged for particular staff. Set colors as below and click on Apply (on each screen you set, click on apply or OK) 

Select field item colors and line item colors by clicking on the appropriate radio button.
Change the background color by clicking on the paint bucket and change the text by clicking on the large "A".


Green is 4th down, 3rd from the left
Blue is 4th down, 5th from the left
Red is second down, leftmost column
Yellow is top row, second from  the left

In case anyone wants to print this out and does not have a color printer:

Standard order and Received Partial are green on white
Standard invoice, Adjustment amount and Line Price are blue on white
Received complete and Searched are black on white
Canceled is white on red

List Bar

Default workspace may be changed. Listbar appearance may be changed. Position should not be changed.

Sounds and animation

No changes

Click on Workflows icon or go to Tools menu>workflows.


Default searches may be changed provided changes are consonant with standard procedures for specific units.  Suggest no changes be made for the first month of production work.

Bibliographic staff searching/Import should not be changed.


Line Items

Settings for all staff EXCEPT Invoice unit


Settings for Invoice Unit staff- No line item adjustments


Settings for Invoice Unit staff- With line item adjustments

Approve Processing

Orders - Receive on approve may be clicked for staff who do all, or mostly, approval orders.

Item Creation

No changes

Serials check-in

Should not be changed.

Claim processing

Should not be changed except as instructed in specific procedures.


Bibliographic standard number

May be left unclicked. This affects only records created using Acquisitions templates and we do not use this feature. ISBN validation must be set separately in the Cataloging module.