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Guide to Monographic Series Receiving

1. Search the individual book title in the Voyager Cataloging module to check for possible duplicates, ACs, etc.

2. Listed below, from most to least efficient searches, are three ways to find the order record in Acquisitions. Results depend upon whether previous volumes of the series have been checked in or not.

  • Search the Serials Check-in system by check-in title.

  • Search for a Purchase order using the Journal title index.

  • Search in Cataloging if the series title is not clear from the piece and/or our cataloging records are somewhat complicated, (e.g. a CAS that was an analyzed serial or an author’s works treated as a series). Once a record is found you can locate it easily in Acquisitions by using Record menu>Display line items in Acquisitions.

  • In the Cataloging module, check the bibliographic record for the monographic series. Be sure that the Place of publication and Language fields in the 008 are filled in and that the ISSN, if available, is in the 022.

3. After locating the order, carefully check to see that the purchase order number, the vendor, the invoice if any, and the books all match up. Remember that the system requires that the vendor code used on the invoice must match the vendor code used on the order. If there is any discrepancy it needs to be resolved before the piece is checked in.

4. If the standing order has no publication pattern yet, add it following established procedures. To actually receive the book, go to Serials Check-In and check History to be sure the issue has not been received. Make sure the issue in hand matches the book (change issue in hand from expected issue if necessary), and click on Accept.

5. Examine copies/funds on the p.o line item display. The fund displayed should be mono series fund and the holdings should display a “Cataloged separately” note for a call number. Write the p.o. number and four-digit fund number in gutter of book and location, if other than Firestone, on verso of t.p.  Also write vendor code and p.o. number on invoice, if you have an invoice, and be sure that invoice clearly indicates what volume was received.

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