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Guide to Monographic Series Receiving


6. Catalog the book or create an in-process preliminary record for it.  Search OCLC and import the best record available for book in hand (or, import via remote search in Voyager)

LC or LC equivalent copy: complete cataloging for the book following established practices and procedures for LC copy cataloging.  If the series record shows the series to be a CAS, follow established procedures in assigning the call number. Be sure to use Macro Express to add a 902 and 904 field, using appropriate values for MCS.

Other copy or No copy: Import or Input a record, being sure to sure to use Macro Express to add a 904 field, using appropriate values for MCS. Create holdings and item records, being sure the item record is marked with a status of In process. Put on appropriate Hold or No hold shelves.

7. Special cases.

  • Follow special instructions for Harrassowitz purchased cataloging records or Harrassowitz brief records.

  • Pieces of series that add to a serial or a set are received on the standing order for the series only, and then just added to the cataloged record for that set or serial.

  • Monographic series pieces that need location decision treatment should have New (New Order Request) as a location until the correct location is assigned. They should be charged to the appropriate selector or shelf for decision.

  • Standing orders for unnumbered series or for phony series, e.g. IEEE and ACM packages, will be handled on a case by case basis.  When there is a good number to check in by, we will use it but may by-pass prediction. There may also be cases where we check in unnumbered series by ISBN or by bib #.


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