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Using the Receiving Macro

Problem receipts (firm orders)

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Monographic Receipts Procedure
Processing Problem Receipts


General Guidelines

  • Price : If the invoiced price is less than $50 we will not return the item, regardless of whether it was our error or the supplier's error. Be sure to check the invoice : some suppliers will indicate on the invoice itself that an item is non-returnable. Other orders may have a line item note indicating that the item is non-returnable.
  • Research : Do all necessary background research on the problem. Some questions you may want to investigate include
    • Is the title received not what we ordered? Does the title as ordered actually exist?
    • Is the item a duplicate ? If so, is it a duplicate shipment?
    • Do we have duplicate bibliographic records in Voyager, or one record with multiple orders? Was it meant to be ordered as a replacement? Check the 904 field in the bib record or records ; a subfield b value of m (mcs) or g (gift) will not have an order attached to it.
    • Is there an invoice attached to the order? If so , is it a previous shipment, or an EDI loaded invoice for the paper copy you have in hand?


  • RUSH orders : In general we do not return RUSH orders, and certainly not without prior approval of the vendor.
  • Consultation : Consult with supervisor and/or selector as to whether we can use the item ; if it is a duplicate, do we want another copy in the same or another location? When consulting with selector, be sure to indicate either that the item is too cheap to return, or indicate the price if it is not, so that s/he can make an informed decision.

Processing duplicates

Wrong title sent

Processing books received against cancelled orders