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Using the Receiving Macro


This macro is for use after you have exaimined the order and the bibliographic record, and decided to check the book in. The macro will close all open windows in Cataloging, go to Acquistions and look for an open purchase order. It then opens up the Receive/Mark box and waits for you to left click on the box in the receiving hierarchy. The macro will then close the Receive/Mark box and ask if you have written the fund and order number in the book. If you click Yes - OK, the macro will close down the order and open the search box for your next title to be searched. If you click No - OK, the macro will open either a quick line item box or line item tabbed detail display so that you can check for the fund number. Once you are ready to close the order, click OK in the pop-up "Finish Order" text box, and the macro will close down the order and open the search box for your next title to be searched.


It is important that only the order you are working on be open. If there is another order open on your desktop the macro may pick the wrong one to receive.

Do not use this macro if you must receive some, but not all, of multiple copies ordered. If you are receiving all of multiple copies ordered, be sure to click on the title or location level box, not the copy level box.


You should create your item record as usual in Cataloging, and print an Item Label if necessary. Close down the print label box.

Use Win-Alt-R to activate the macro. When the Receive/Mark box opens on the order, left-click the box for the copy you are receiving. Answer Yes or No as appropriate to the question in the pop-up box regarding writing the source note in the book. If you answer No, locate the fund number in the detail display, and click OK in the "Finish Order" pop-up text box.

You may run into a problem with the macro if there is anything in the Requester field, as this opens up a pop-up box that can interfere with the macro's commands. In that case it may be easier to simply receive the book without using the macro.

If you need to update notes (for example, "rec'd vol.1-2") you may do this by answering No to the "Have you written the fund number...." question. Simply do not click on OK in the Finish Order text box until you have opened up the note field, updated and saved it.