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General guidelines for book returns

1. Approval books

Approval books to be returned are processed on their own approval purchase order. Information and guidelines about creating such purchase orders can be found in posted procedures Processing Approval Invoices and Processing returns letters.

2. Monographs

In order to process an invoice, regardless of whether or not we are keeping the book, we cannot add a canceled order line to an invoice. This means that we have to copy the canceled order, add appropriate notes about the date of cancellation, delete the original cancelled order, and use the copy to process the invoice.  Whenever possible, do not cancel a purchase order.  If  you are dealing with a duplicate order, if at all possible please check with the vendor to see if the item has already been shipped.

  • Already shipped: Add to beginning of Note DO NOT CHECK IN . DUP OF… , ALREADY SHIPPED, GIVE TO TWM WHEN RECEIVED.

  • Not already shipped: Cancel order as usual. Be sure to use guidelines in posted procedure Cancellations.

  • To process a return for a cancelled monographic order:

  • Order  > Copy order

  • Change order number on new order to match original order

  • Note date of cancellation of original order and note this information on the new copy

  • Delete original order

  • Put reason for cancellation and disposition of book in note on new order. 

    • Dup sales – Receive book (do not create item).Treat invoice as fully funded

    • Return – Do not receive book. Put book and invoice on designated shelf in Invoice unit. DO NOT GIVE BOOK TO SECRETARIES ; THE INVOICE MUST BE CREATED FIRST.

3. Continuations

For the time being we need to follow our previous procedures : Put a note in the order record, fill out the “Order Division Book Return Form”, and put the book and invoice on the designated shelf in Invoice Unit. (This will be a different shelf than the one used for monographs). DO NOT GIVE BOOK TO SECRETARIES ; THE INVOICE MUST BE CREATED FIRST.

It is important that supervisory staff review material to be returned prior to sending it to Invoice Unit.   Because book returns cannot be reversed once processed, it is important that we be sure that the book needs to be returned.  Because the ability of Invoice Unit staff to use the Returns feature of the system depends on the type of order, it is also very important that continuations not be mixed in with monographs or approvals.