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Using the Returns Form

The Returns Form is a formatted document, on which the formatting is protected. Gray areas on the form indicate places where you may insert text.

1. Fill out the form as appropriate.


Vendor Name: Full name of Vendor (NOT Vendor Code).

Purchase order number: Voyager purchase order number (Original PO number is for Geac/Notis numbers if the Voyager number is different).

Cut and paste or type bibliographic information.  Be sure NOT to use any hard returns as this will throw off the spacing. When you get to the end of a line, click on the line below to continue typing if necessary.

Other/additional information: Reason for the return, information about permission granted to return, Instructions, further information (for example, if the wrong title was sent, quote the correct title and ask them to ship and rebill).

Invoice information: Fill in invoice number and date.

Invoice adjustment is a drop-down; choose the appropriate action. If in doubt, confer with the head of the Invoice unit.  The gray area to the right of Invoice adjustment is for the amount of the adjustment, including currency. 

Order address: Cut and paste vendor name and ordering address from the Voyager vendor record.  Be sure not to use any hard returns.

Return address: Cut and paste vendor name and return address from the Voyager vendor record.  Be sure not to use any hard returns.

2. Save the file as

Tsserver2/Voyager Procedures/V2000 Procedures/Returns letters/[filename]  The file name should be in the format Return[PO #].

So, for example,
Save As: Tsserver2/Voyager Procedures/V2000 Procedures/Returns letters/Return98425

3. Print off a copy of the letter. Put it with the invoice in the item to be returned and put on the Monographic returns shelf or the Continuations return shelf in Invoice Unit.