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Preorder Searching Procedure
(Including Book-in-hand searching)

4. Search OCLC only for those items that require bibliographic verification.

  • It may be necessary to search OCLC by indexes other than personal name or title phrase or title word, such as ISBN/ISSN or LCCN, or to combine indexes.

  • If you find a matching OCLC record with more or different information than that on your search request, make a printout of the OCLC record for the full search procedure. Note the results of your search (See Notations on Order Recommendations)

  • The results of the OCLC search may dictate researching Voyager Cataloging or Acquisitions (steps 2 and 3) if additional information is found. Be particularly careful about checking for series information which may not have been on the original request.

5. Use Google or a similar internet search engine to verify information or gather more information on material that is not in OCLC.

6. Requests for material published more than 5 years ago should be checked in the appropriate in-print source to confirm availability. Books-in-Print ,VLB (German books in print), and a number of other directories are available online; foreign language equivalents are available in the Reference Collection print collection.

7. Preorder searching of serials may require checking the Decision File as well as checking online or printed serial sources for verification.   Monographic series titles must also be searched under individual volume titles to determine holdings.

8. After completing the searching, assemble the paperwork, be sure each heading searched is marked with a small 0 to indicated searched but not found. Initial and date the source material. If searching a catalog, make a list of items to be ordered or which need action (claims, added copy decisions, etc.)

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