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Search & Order Guidelines


This procedure applies to items already published that have reliable and complete bibliographic information, allowing the supervisor to assign a vendor ahead of time with reasonable confidence that we know everything necessary to order the item.

Material Included

  • WorldCat Selections (special procedure)

  • OCLC printouts (cataloged material, low catcat number)

  • Vendor slips (print or online/email) from Yankee, Harrassowitz, Coutts, Shamansky

  • Some slips from Touzot (exclude sets/series if unclear, items with corporate body headings or transliterated Arabic names)

  • Catalogs(print or online/email) from the following vendors:

    • Spanish/Portuguese language: Atlantis, Books from Mexico, Mach, Fernando Garcia Cambeiro, Howard Karno, Libros Latinos, Literatura de Vientos Tropicales, Mexico Norte, Mexico Sur, Susan Bach.

    • Other langauges: Otto Harrassowitz, Michael Shamansky , Worldwide

Material Excluded

  • CIP of any kind (proof slips, printouts, BNBs and ABPRs )

  • Slips from other vendors than those mentioned above (due to unreliable bibliographic formatting and/or CIP issues)

  • Questionable approval items

  • Flyers or publisher catalogs

  • Catalogs from vendors not listed above
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