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Frequently Asked Questions for Acquisitions

   All of these instructions will work with the view only logon. Be sure that you are logged on to Cataloging module and Acquisitions module with the same logon.

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1. What is the relation between the price on the order and the price on the invoice?
  • Monographs : On an order, the price may be supplied by the vendor or be estimated. On an invoice, the price represents what we actually paid, including adjustments for discounts and service charges. Prices are normally not adjusted on an order record unless the vendor reports a significant increase over the estimated price. Therefore there may be discrepancies between the order price and the invoice price.
  • Serials
  • : There are no price updates on continuations purchase orders (standing orders, subscriptions). Amounts are generally listed as $1 or $0. Invoices list the subscription price for a particular term or the price of a particular volume received on a standing order.

2. On a standing order, what did we pay for that last one received?

  • On the List Bar on the left of the screen, select Check-In, then select Serials History.
  • Search for the Check-In title.
  • Select the appropriate title from the list, if necessary, and click on the Select button to display the Serials History- Details window.
  • Select the Payment History tab, highlight the invoice with the most recent invoice date and click on the Invoice button.
  • Locate the title on the invoice, and look at the piece identifier and note fields for volume information. (You may need to move the scroll bar at the bottom of the invoice to see these fields, which are on the right side of the invoice display)

3. Has an invoice been paid for a particular monograph or subscription?
  • From the List Bar select Invoices, then Search Invoices.
  • Search by Bibliographic Info :
    1. Click on the ellipsis button at the far right of the Search by box. This brings up the same staff mode search box that you have seen before in the Cataloging module.
    2. Search for the appropriate title, highlight it and click OK. This inserts the title in the Search by box.
    3. Click on Search. This will display all invoices linked to the bibliographic record.
    4. Check the invoice status : Pending means the invoice has been entered in the system ; approved means payment instructions have been sent to the Controller's office. At the end of each month a program is run to insert check numbers and check dates into the Footer of invoices paid that month. (See Footer tab at top of invoice).
  • If you are already looking at a purchase order, select the Related Invoices tab at the top of the purchase order, highlight the invoice, and click on the Invoice button.

4. What is the fund that a specific title is charged against?

  • In the Cataloging module, search for your monograph or serial using bibliographic information.
  • On the menu bar, click on Record, then View Line Items in Acquisition (or use the keyboard shortcut Alt/r/q). This will bring up the Line Item Record.
  • Select the Copies/Funds tabs to bring up fund information.