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Vendor Reports for Serials

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Serial Vendor Reports

Serial reports are posted using the expected issues list so that the information is readily available to staff . If this is a new order with no receipts, you will have to add a component to the order before posting the report or claim response. If the publication pattern is not clear and you must guess at the correct pattern to attach, use a Pop Up note to warn the next person to use the record to check the pattern.

Posting reports to a particular issue or issues (Example :"vol.2 not yet published")

1. Call up the appropriate record in Serials Check-in

2. Select the item from the pattern queue

  • Click on the Change issue button
  • Post the note
    • Sample : v.14 NYP due Dec.2002 10/02 haf
    • Sample : v.10, no.2 (2001) out of print per publ. 10/02 haf
3. Determine whether the issue should be removed from the expected issues list. (issue is out of print, will not be published, etc). If so, do a dummy or psuedo-receipt:
  • Check in the issue
  • Click on the History button
  • Select the issue, change Display in OPAC to No (it is confusing to staff and patrons alike to display a pseudo-receipt in the OPAC)
  • 4. Claim any issues that have been published but we have not received (for example : The report says "vol.7 is the latest published" and our last receipt is vol.6, claim vol. 7)

5. Return to the check-in record and fix the prediction date for the issue or the pattern as a whole.

Posting general reports about the status of a title as a whole:

Example :. "vol.3 no.2 and following are not yet published, no due date"

  1. Call up the appropriate record in Serials Check-in
  2. Put the message in a Pop Up note rather than attaching it to a specific issue
  3. Adjust the prediction date for the pattern as a whole

Special case : Converting old Geac orders

If you have a report on a title with a Geac type purchase order number (20 digit number beginning with 2 digit year), you must make a judgment call as to whether it should be converted, since by definition we have not received anything in at least 3 years. You may have to investigate to be sure we did not cancel the order prior to migrating off Geac. Consult supervisor if necessary.