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Continuations Check-in

When checking in a piece of a continuation, you must find and examine the record, attach a component pattern if necessary, check in the piece in Acquisitions, and add the piece to the catalog record. Therefore you must have both acquisitions and cataloging modules open.

This process consists of the following steps:

Find and verify the order

  1. Examine the piece in hand and the accompanying invoice, packing slip, mail label, etc. and verify that it is addressed to the Serial/Continuations Unit, Princeton University Library.

  2. In Acquisitions, search for the purchase order using the bibliographic information option, preferably the Titles Bib index or the Journal title index.

  3. Check the order(s) for the following:

    1. PO type continuation

    2. Site Acqser

    3. Vendor name and address match the invoice or packing material ; issue number matches

    4. Line item status of Received complete means a component has been added ; status of Approved/Sent means you will need to add a component to check in the piece.

    5. Details display

      Bibliographic information

      Notes — be sure to read and understand all notes; some notes (such as cancellations) mean you should not check in the piece. Ask supervisor if you have any questions.

      Fund — should be a Standing order object code if you have an invoice in hand with a charge on it.


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