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Continuations Check-in

Check in the piece

  1. Search the title in the Serials Check-in area on the list bar. When you find the component, click on the History button to review previous receipts, claims and problems. Be sure the piece in hand has not already been received.

  2. Click on the Serials Check-in button. Verify that the appropriate volume or issue is highlighted and receive using the Quick Check-in button.

  3. Go back to the History screen. For continuations and mono series the volume display must be suppressed from the OPAC. Highlight the issue(s) you have received, click on Display in OPAC. This will toggle the display fro Yes to No.

  4. If any changes or corrections need to be done, use the Edit issue button. You will need to make a decision to either claim skipped issues, or delete them from the problem list.

Mark the piece and the invoice

  1. Write the order number and the fund (main fund only, not the object code) in the gutter of the page following the title page.

  2. Write the vendor code on the invoice. Check to see that the correct purchase order number, as in Voyager, is on the invoice and change it if necessary. Circle the volume number and the purchase order number. If the title as on the invoice is different than the check in title, write in the correct title and volume number.

  3. Put the invoice in the Fully funded invoices basket.

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