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Continuations Check-in

Add the piece to the catalog record

If the piece in hand is a monographic series follow the MCS checkin procedure. If the piece is a volume of a bookset, follow the Adding volumes to a cataloged bookset procedure. For serials, follow the procedure below.

  1. Check and verify all bibliographic data on the MARC record including ISSN, ISBN, corporate bodies, imprint information. Make appropriate changes. See cataloging documentation for further information.

  2. Examine holdings and item records to see how we’ve added volumes in the past. Update the holdings (mfhd) to reflect what you have in hand and save the record. All holdings records for active serials and sets should have an 866 field with a subfield showing our holdings, and another 866 with |x showing what designator or designators are used in creating item records. With serials, holdings may be stated one way and item records another, for example

    Mfhd Vol.1 (1962)-v.450 (2001)
    Item 2001 (vol.40)

  3. Create an item record for the volume in hand. Be sure to include enumeration and chronology as needed . Place the barcodes according to standard procedure; see also paperbound instructions.

  4. If the location is other than F, write the location symbol in parentheses as part of the call number on the verso of the title page. The adding element is written below and to the right of the call number, in parentheses. If there are two adding elements, the second element (chronology) goes to the left of the binding element, in parentheses. For example,

.L246 (2002) vol.33

For booksets, the volume designation is written underneath the call number. For example,


N.B. Multiple years or volumes covered in one single piece are indicated by slashes in the volume and item records.

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