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Checking in First Pieces

First pieces need to be checked in at one of two points:

First pieces as Sample Issues

Create a bibliographic record and purchase order as you normally would. Once you have dealt with them and have approved the purchase order, place the green card and order paperwork in the basket of orders to be printed. Now you need to take care of the piece(s) in hand:

  1. go to the "Type" tab in the Details line item display and create the component and subscription pattern as usual.

  2. Check in the issue(s) in hand; go to the History button and highlight the line; click on the Update Enum/Chron button to mark the issue(s) as a sample. For periodicals, be sure to Suppress from the OPAC ; we don’t want folks looking for issues that are going to cataloging). Continuations should have items added and be charged to Cat Div as usual.

  3. Before you leave the record, you MUST remember to adjust the prediction: use the same guidelines that we have always used in the past when placing new orders:

    Domestic orders = 3 months

    Foreign (frequently used vendors, i.e.Tou,Harr,NIJ,BLKSER, etc.) = 4 months

    Really Foreign (i.e. Thorold, Rolo, Serec, PL480E, etc.) = 6 months

  4. Go to Cataloging and call up the record, make a printout to travel with the piece(s) to cataloging; on the printout you will need to write the processing instructions, in the following format: unbound loc/bound loc 1st piece for cataloging the date and your initials (i.e. PR/F 1st piece for cataloging 10-18-00 HAF). Titles with DCLC copy go on the Adding truck for CAT Unit IV; all other copy goes on the shelf in Cataloging. Please remember to date stamp and count the pieces, also count as a FIRST PIECE on your Unit statistics sheet.

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