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Serial Cancellations in Voyager

Records with components added cannot be cancelled in Voyager. Therefore we need to make this information as obvious and unambiguous as possible no matter who is looking for this information.

Canceling with the vendor:

At the point of sending the cancellation to the vendor(s):

  1. In Cataloging, create a new 866 note which says "Subscription cancelled with the last issue of 2000" or "Standing order cancelled after vol.___" as appropriate, but leave in the "CURRENT ISSUES IN: ( )" note if we’re still checking in.

  2. In Acquisitions, in the purchase order "line item note" : "Cancelled with the last issue of 2000, via letter, e-mail etc." or "Standing order cancelled after vol.___" as appropriate, date and initials: for example, "CANCELLED END OF 2000 VIA E-MAIL 9-22-00 HAF"

  3. In Acquisitions, if the title has a component and pattern, put in a pop-up note "Cancelled end of 2000, give last issue to supervisor to close" date and initials.

Last issues received:

  1. Make sure final issues are checked in and the pattern closed. Standing orders are generally cancelled effective immediately and the pattern closed.

  2. Fill out the blue serials form which travels with the final issue(s) to the location OR enclose an OPAC printout with the relevant title, copy, and cancellation information highlighted.

  3. Remove the 866 "CURRENT ISSUES IN: ( )" note when the final unit for adding/binding is sent to the staff in CAT IV.

  4. At a point in the future (to be determined) the purchase order will be marked as complete. However this cannot be done unless we are positive that there are no invoices pending. This is more straightforward with periodicals than with continuations ; periodical records can generally be marked complete when the last piece is checked in.