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Serial Claiming in Voyager

Standard claim note samples

Please supply a replacement for vol. 51 no, 2 (2001) which was received severely damaged in the mail. Thank you. 10-18-01 haf

Please supply vol. 15, no.3 (2001) not yet received on our subscription or advise. 10-18-01 haf"

Please supply vol. 15, no. 3 (2001) and following as published to date on our subscription or advise. Thank you. 10-18-01 haf

Repeated claims

For 2nd claims: "Regret unable to trace reply to our previous claim 1/01 for vol. 10, no. 1 (2000) still not received on our subscription. Please supply or advise. Thank you. 10-18-01 haf"

Remember that we do not issue a claim more than twice: other action must be taken (i.e. e-mail, contact selector, etc.) as appropriate to each situation.

Multiple issue claims

It is possible to claim more than 1 issue at a time; in fact, if you try to do separate claims for individual issues, they will all print out on the form as one claim, with one claim note.

Your claim note MUST include all pieces of issues for the claim in order for it to print and format properly on the claim form.

Example: nos. 156, 163, 166, 172 (2001) are all missing and need a claim. Highlight each line on the Problem History Tab field. One claim window will open and the note should read as follows: "Please supply above issues, not yet received on our subscription or advise. Thank you. 10-18-01 haf"