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Attaching a Component

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Serial Claiming in Voyager

Fixing the prediction

Return to Serials Check-in to the main check-in screen. Be sure the correct title is displaying.

Click on the Maintenance button to retrieve the component, then on the Predictive Component Pattern tab to get to the predicted issue dates.

Select the claimed issue from the queue ; bring up the calendar in the Expected On box and select an appropriate date.You must also decide whether to change the date for that issue only or for all subsequent issues.


Expected date guidelines:
  • Domestic vendors : 90 days from date of claim
  • Major foreign vendors : 120 days from date of claim
  • Other foreign vendors : 180 days from date of claim.

Marking issues for claiming

For issues which need to be marked before you can generate the claim from the Problem History:

  • Highlight the issue in the pattern queue
  • Click on Accept
  • In the Receipt window, click on the box at the Copy level
  • in the Mark Reason box, click on the down arrow and select Claim. Click on the Mark button.
  • Click on the Back button ; this will return you to the main check-in screen.
  • Click on the History button to continue with generating the claim.