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Intro to Acq Production Staff
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Acq for Selectors(WPD)
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Continuations Training Document

Check Catalog Record

  • Examine the Catalog record (highlight line, click on MARC button) to verify that you have the correct bibliographic record and the correct order record. Check the fixed field and the leader. The (008) field must be "c" and an open record. (eg: date says 19uu 9999). If record is closed the second date does not say 9999. Save volume to discuss with supervisor/trainer. Leader for a serial must say cas. If the leader says cam, this means the record you have found is a bookset and since you should not put the item aside for a supervisor/trainer to discuss, since there are separate procedures for booksets and monoseries.
  • Check holdings to verify that what you are checking in has not already been added. Click on "get hldgs" icon. Check all the information in the holdings. In the 866 field, if you see a "Current issues in: ( )"note and only one holdings, this means the piece is not a continuation but a "periodical. If you have not had periodical training put aside for supervisor/trainer.
  • If there are two or more holdings: In the holdings record that matches the PO, if it states "Current volumes in: ( )" and there is a holdings for the current volumes, this is a continuation not a periodical. Save the volume for the supervisor/trainer. The older volume/s will have to be transferred to a permanent location after the latest volume is checked in for the Current volume location. DO NOT CHECK IN THE VOLUME.
  • If there is a sub-location problem, put piece aside for supervisor/trainer.for further instructions. A sublocation problem exists when you see a location without a call number and a related location with a call number (eg: SA no call number; SARF with a call number). DO NOT CHECK IN THE VOLUME.

Go Back To Acquisitions (Serials Check In):

  • Go to the "Serials check in Screen" [click yellow index card], type in the title, hit search. Click on the "history" button to review the receipts. Make sure what you are about to check in has not already been received. If there is more than 1 match for the title, check all the receipts.

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