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Introduction to Voyager Acquisitions for Production Staff

V. Searching

Let’s get a little practice searching for different kinds of records. Click on the Orders tab on the list bar; now click on the Search orders icon.

First let’s use the Quick search. Open the drop down box and you will see all the indexes by which you can search for purchase orders. Choose the option PO number from the "Search by" drop down list. Note that the "equal" button is active. Now type "122122" in the "search for" box. and click on Search.

To look at a purchase order, double-click on the line. Note that an independent button opens up on your task bar at the bottom of your screen. You can go back and forth between the search results and the purchase order by clicking on those two buttons, or using the Alt-Tab key combination.

Now let’s pull up the Invoices area of the List bar and click on Search invoices.  

Open the drop down list and see what the available indexes are for searching for invoices. Choose the option vendor code from the "Search by" drop down list. Note that the "equal" button is active. Now type "ap-bna" in the "search for" box. and click on Search.

Notice that the arrows at the top of your screen are now active. You can go back and forth between the PO search results and the Invoice search results. This will be the case until you click on the Clear workspace button at the top right of your screen. Clear workspace clears search results and gives you a blank Acquisitions screen.

Let’s return to the Orders area and click on Search orders.

Choose Status in the "Search by" drop down list. Now your only option is the "Equal" button; and you see another drop-down list in "search for". Choose Approved/sent. Notice that to the right of the search area, you have search results displayed with a "Next" button. If you have a large result set, the first 200 will display, along with a "Next" button. As you page through the list using the Next button, you can see how much of the search result remains, and how many records you have reviewed.

Finally let’s do one more search and choose Line item instructions.

Notice that you have another searching option besides equal, less & greater. "Phrase" is the equivalent of "keyword" in Voyager 99. Let’s search by phrase Micawber. This will look for the string "m-i-c-a-w-b-e-r" anywhere in the line item notes of all orders.

Now let’s do a standard search

Find the search icon and click on the down arrow to the right. Choose purchase orders. Here you see the familiar acquisitions box which will allow you to search by up to four different terms, using Boolean operators. Try a search for operator id cjf and vendor code ebna.  

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