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Monographic Receipts in Voyager

Check Order (continued)

Line item
    • Check number of copies.

    • Price (if there is a significant difference between the price on the order and the price on the invoice, consult a supervisor).

    • Location

    • Line item notes. If there is a vendor note in the line item, it will display. In that case you must be sure to click Quick line item off, click on Details, then on Notes to see if there is an internal note.
Bibliographic information
    • Click on the Marc button to open the bibliographic record in the Cataloging module. Check to see that the book matches what we requested.

    • If we ordered by creating a brief bibliographic record, and there is minor updating to be done (after determining that we got what we wanted), you may update the bibliographic record. If we ordered by importing a record, DO NOT UPDATE. CONSULT SUPERVISOR.

Receive the order

  • Return to the purchase order. Highlight the line item to enable the Recv/Mark button at the bottom of the purchase order screen. Click on this button to bring up the Receive/Mark dialog box

  • The line items you selected display in a "tree" structure or hierarchy in the Select Copies to Receive or Mark box. Click the plus (+) signs to expand the levels of the hierarchy and click the minus (-) signs to close the levels of the hierarchy. There are three levels in the hierarchy.

    • 1st level of the hierarchy displays the title of the item, the number of copies ordered, the number of copies received, and the number of copies invoiced.

    • 2nd level of the hierarchy displays the intended location for the item, the call number, the number of copies on order, the number of copies received, and the number of copies invoiced.

    • 3rd level of the hierarchy displays the individual copies for each location, including the copy number, the copy status (for example, Approved), the date on which the status became active, the intended location for the copy, the item type and the item ID (these last two, item type and item ID, will not contain information until after the copy has been received and an item record has been created).

  • Each level of the hierarchy has a box beside it. These boxes are used to select the copies that you want to receive or mark. If you want to specify which copies to receive for each location, at the third level of the hierarchy click the box beside each copy that you want to receive. If you want to receive all copies for a location, click the box beside the second level (the Location level) to select all the copies beneath that location. Or, if you want to select all copies for all locations, click the box beside the first level of the hierarchy. If you are receiving only one copy it does not matter which level box is checked.

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