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New Staff Training

Order Division arranges training and orientation for all new support staff to introduce them to the automated systems in use at Princeton to familiarize them with basic procedures and responsibilities of various units within the division.

Initial training in email management and introduction to Voyager will be arranged by the supervisor in consultation with the Staff Development Librarian as soon as the new person starts.

Once that has occurred, a professional librarian in the Division who has primary responsibility for training new staff provides the training described below.The timetable will vary slightly depending upon the aptitude and previous experience of the new staff member, and the specific position for which the individual was hired.

In general, it is expected that areas 1-6 will be covered in the first 4 weeks of employment so that the staff member to develops a reliable level of skill in searching, identifying and interpreting basic records in RLIN and Voyager, as well as an acceptable level of accuracy and production in placing simple monographic orders and receiving against them. Later, the individualís supervisor will provide more specialized training in the unitís tasks.

Staff will make every effort to help you learn the tasks and procedures appropriate to your job. Please note however that it is your responsibility to help move training along by the prompt attention to work that is given you by your trainer(s), and by promptly requesting additional work when you have finished the tasks assigned to you.

Initial training in Order Division is designed to cover the following areas:

    [Week 1 and forward] : Using Voyager This includes an overview of the system and detailed training in the Cataloging and Acquisitions modules, including searching, placing orders, and monographic receipts.

    Tutorials (both Introduction and Client series)  Documentation

    [Week 1 or 2] : Using OCLC as a searching tool and its application to the specific needs of the Order Division. MARC tagging training given as part of the Voyager Cataloging module training helps to explain the bibliographic screens.

    Tutorials  Documentation

    [Week 2 and forward] : Preorder Searching of monograph and serial orders. This will include procedures and training in Voyager, OCLC, specialized files and printed sources to verify holdings and confirm citation information.

    Tutorials  Documentation

    [Week 2 or 3] : Placing orders. This includes the creation of basic firm orders for library materials and other related tasks.

    Tutorials  Documentation

    [Week 2 or 3] : Creating gift book records. This includes the searching of books, creation of bibliographic and related records in the cataloging module.


    [Week 3 or 4] : Firm order receipts. This includes the process of receiving new books, marking invoices, and sorting receipts to appropriate processing destinations.


    [Week 4 or 5] : Invoicing (as appropriate.) This includes demonstrations of electronically loaded and manually input invoices. The object is to help staff in all units accurately interpret invoice line item information and status. Note : Head of invoice unit generally helps with or provides this training.


    [Week 4 or 5] : Serials preorder searching (as appropriate.) This includes searching procedures that need to be added on to the basic preorder searching procedure to accurately process a serial order request. Note : Head of serials acquisitions unit generally helps with or provides this training.


    [Week 5 or 6] : Periodical check in This training will provide a basic understanding of how periodicals are received and controlled, and develop the ability to accurately interpret a Voyager check-in record. Note : Head of serials acquisitions unit generally helps with or provides this training.



    It is expected that by the time you have finished this training, you will have familiarized yourself with all the Order Division documentation , including those documents not linked on this list.