Digital Collections

Digital Collections and Initiatives

In support of Princeton University Library's mission and vision, Digital Collections and Initiatives provides online gateways to support teaching, research, and expanded usage of PUL’s collections. While Princeton faculty, researchers, and students are our primary audience, we also seek to democratize access to rare and unique resources that would otherwise be visible only to those able to physically visit the Library.

Facilitating the reuse of our digitized content is one of our primary goals. By leveraging the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) family of standards, users are able to access content from PUL’s digital repository via the many portals they already use for discovery, including the online catalogdigital collections and exhibitions, finding aids, and other research projects.

Many of our services are built in collaboration with the library open source community. We leverage existing projects and as leaders in this community, frequently participate in collaborative projects with institutions who share similar missions and values.

Latest News and Reports

  • New PUL program provides Princeton students, faculty, and staff opportunities to curate digital collections

    Tourism magazine from Princeton University Library's Latin American Ephemera collection, included in the curated collection, Tourism in Cuba: From Colonial Past to Culinary Present.   Princeton...

  • Preservation Packaging

    As we are implementing preservation in Figgy, we have faced a couple of challenging decisions that lay just outside the concern of preservation-oriented specifications like BagIt and OCFL. Two inter-...

  • Preservation

    Lately we’ve been working on preservation within Figgy and have come up with a strategy we think works for us. However, in doing so, we’ve evaluated a few options and come up with some assumptions...