Digital Projects Steering Group (DPSG)

Digital Collections and Initiatives

Digital Projects Steering Group (DPSG)

The Digital Projects Steering Group (“DPSG”) exists to plan and prioritize special projects that involve digitization and/or significant information technology or other technical resources, and to set and maintain local best practices related to workflows and the preservation of remediated and born-digital resources in the Library’s collections.

In order to accomplish this mission, DPSG must maintain a cross-functional membership with representation from Library IT, Technical Services, Preservation, Collection Development, Public Services, and Special Collections. This group is responsible for collecting and considering new potential projects or initiatives discussing and—critically—communicating the results of those discussions back to stakeholders.

DPSG will work to find efficiencies and identify unmet needs and unexploited opportunities to offer better services, and may make recommendations to the Library Leadership Team (LLT) for improvements in policy, staffing, and infrastructure. Finally, the committee will keep track of preferred vendors for digitization and all outsourced projects must pass through DPSG for review.

The group will occasionally organize working groups to implement or oversee special projects, write reports, or carry out other specific tasks with a predetermined goal or lifecycle.