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Apabi Digital Library User Guide

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To view Apabi eBooks, first install the Apabi Reader from http://www.idoican.com.cn/reader/unicodeReadersetup.exe . Apabi Reader is preinstalled on the public computers in the East Asian Library.

Links to specific Apabi eBooks are listed in Princeton’s online catalog. Alternatively, you can browse and search the currently available items at http://princeton.lib.apabi.com/ . If prompted to do so, install the “Check Module” ActiveX control displayed at the top of the browser window. You can also change the interface language to Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, or English.

After clicking on the title of a book, you will see two buttons. “Online Browse” allows you to take a quick look at the book for 15 minutes. If you want to read it for longer, click “Borrow”. This will check out the book for 2 weeks maximum; other users can then only browse it online, but they can reserve the book for when it is returned.

Navigation is faster in a checked-out book. Also, you can use the annotation tools (highlighter, pen, “sticky” notes) to mark up the text; these annotations can be seen whenever the book is viewed on the same computer.

To view the books you have checked out, open the “File” menu in Apabi Reader and select “Document Manager”. Then select “My Borrowed Books”. Right-click on a specific book to pull up a menu that will allow you to renew or return the book. Books are automatically returned when they are due, unless you renew them.

Printing is not available for most books, due to copyright restrictions. However, you can copy-and-paste excerpts of up to 1000 characters from a book into another program. This copy-and-paste feature may be used a maximum of 50 times per week per computer. To enter copy-and-paste mode, click on the cursor icon next to the hand icon in the toolbar. You can also copy images of pages to the clipboard by clicking on the camera icon.

Note that if you are using Apabi Reader on a library computer, books may only be checked out for 24 hours. Larger books are downloaded as you view them, so they may be viewed immediately, but navigation may be slow for the first few minutes. Note that annotations you make in a book on a library computer may be visible to others who use that computer. Please remember to return the books when you are done with them.