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Pliny Fisk Library of Economics and Finance

Pliny Fisk Library of Economics and Finance


The economics and finance collections trace their primary origin to the Pliny Fisk Library of Economics and Finance which traces its roots to 1895 when Wall Street banker, Pliny Fisk, presented his research collection of railroad and corporate materials to Princeton University. Princeton University Library Chronicle (Volume 6, Number 4, pages 171-178) provides an overview of Pliny Fisk and the collection he donated. While no longer a collection in a single location, materials collected for the library system include economics, banking, international trade, development, finance, business, and statistics. Collecting is particularly strong for economic history, monetary and fiscal policy, investments, trade, macroeconomics, and economic theory. We also collect annual reports for central banks and stock exchanges. A closely related area is Industrial Relations which focuses on United States, Canadian, British, and international comparative labor.

Pliny Fisk Library of Economics and Finance Staff

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Bordelon, Bobray
Economics & Finance Librarian/Data Services Librarian
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Coffey, Bobbi
Finance Research Librarian
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Jefferson, Charissa
Labor Economics Librarian