Pliny Fisk Library of Economics and Finance Services

Pliny Fisk Library of Economics and Finance

Pliny Fisk Library of Economics and Finance

Contacts for Locating Data for Economics Department, Finance and ORFE

Subject Contact
Development / Foreign Direct Investment / Trade /Monetary & Fiscal Policy / Economic & Political Risk / Tax / Government Finance Bobray Bordelon 
Economics of Art & Culture, Economics of Crime, Demography, Health Economics, Sports Economics Bobray Bordelon
Economics of Education / Economics of Labor / Industrial Relations Charissa Jefferson 
Foreign / International Economies - other topics / US Economy - other macro topics Bobray Bordelon

Finance and Investments / Financial Engineering / Industry Research

 Bobray Bordelon
Environmental & Energy Economics Bobray Bordelon
Engineering, Computer Science, and Operations Research Willow Dressel


For other departments

Subject Contact
Politics Jeremy Darrington
Population Research Joann Donatiello
Public & International Affairs Ameet Doshi
Sociology Ofira Schwartz-Soicher
Astrophysics, Mathematics, Physics, Plasma Physics Lewis Library
Behavioral Sciences Meghan Testerman
Biological and Life Sciences Kelee Pacion
Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Geoscience Emily Wild

Please contact Bobray Bordelon if your topic does not fall into any of these categories.