Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology Relocation Project

Updated March 22, 2021.

The Marquand Art & Archaeology Library relocated to Firestone Library on March 22, 2021, in advance of construction planned for the new Princeton University Art Museum and McCormick Hall. Below, find relevant updates regarding the transition. Dates and moving schedules are subject to change and will be updated as needed.

Hours for Study-Browse Appointments
March 22 - August 29, 2021

Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 


The Marquand special collections vault materials and browse-able stacks collections will move on a rolling basis from March through May. The following information should help you plan your use of our services over the next few months. 


Beginning March 22, 2021, through the return to the renovated Marquand Library in 2025, Marquand stacks and ReCAP materials will be searchable in the PUL online catalog and available for scanning, or delivery for viewing in Marquand’s Firestone spaces, through the online request and retrieval system. All browse-able Marquand stacks materials will be moved over six weeks (March 22 – April 30) with limited availability of items in transit. Items in transit will be unavailable for delivery and scanning for approximately one week. 

Call Number Ranges in Transit:
[Items will be unavailable for scanning or delivery for 1 week after date below]
March 22: 1st Floor Photography Octavos T19.F6 - TR655.H39; B-Floor Octavos NA1.M72 - NA 997.542.K6
March 23: 1st Floor Photography Octavos TR655.H89 - Z8621.75.B4, Quartos TR9.T53 2015q - Z8084.64.B74q; B-Floor Octavos NA997.542K6 - NA1502.P43 2014; Quartos NA1.A4q - NA1.A682q
March 24: B-Floor Octavos NA1502 .P45 2014 - NA7721.S33R46; Quartos NA1 .A6851q - NA5551.M45K846q
March 25: B-Floor Octavos NA7721.V4H37 2004 - NB553.B63K344 2006; Quartos NA5551.N243N36 2013q - NB603.C48S38q
March 26: B-Floor Octavos NB553.B63L68 2016 - NB1293.G12; Quartos NB603.K28M687 1993q - NE1030.H34q
March 29: B-Floor Octavos NB1293 .G83 - NK450.M464 2004; Quartos NE1030 .H45q - NK7376.A1D44 2010q; A-Floor Octavos A - CC75.7.M472 2004
March 30: B-Floor Octavos NK460.C47 A77 - NK4096.U67K35 2009; Quartos NK7376.A1 H35 2014 - Zq (end)
March 31: B-Floor Octavos NK4096.Z43 A4 2009 -NX511.P32P55 2006; A-Floor Octavos CC75.7 .R43 2003 - DH503.P36 2001
April 1: A-Floor Octavos CC76 .I42 2020q - F1211.Z3Z39 2003; A-Floor Quartos A1 - DC607.4D62q; B-Floor Octavos NX511.S36 O64 2013 - Z (end)
April 2: A-Floor Octavos F1211.Z3Z39 2003 - N1.B9; A-Floor Quartos DC607.4D62q - DT59.L56S44
April 5: A-Floor Octavos N1.B9 - N4.A74 1959; A-Floor Quartos DT59.L56S44 - N4 1872q
April 6:  A-Floor Octavos N4.A74 1959 - N72.M6L38; A-Floor Quartos N4 1872q - N5790.N16B9q
April 7: A-Floor Octavos N72.M6L38 - N5205.7.S78.N67 2000; A-Floor Quartos N5790.N16B9q- N7109.A75.A794 2002
April 8: A-Floor Octavos N5205.7.S78.N67 2000 - N6480.K86; 2nd Floor Octavos ND1 - ND237.M192.A4 2013
April 9: A-Floor Octavos N6480.K86 - N6583.A4.A784 2010; 2nd Floor Octavos ND237.M192.A4 2013 - ND497.S39.A35 2016
April 12: 2nd Floor Octavos ND497.S39.A35 2016 - ND553.R2R13; 2nd Floor Quartos N1 - ND237.W16.A4 2017b; A-Floor Octavos N6583.A4.A784 2010 - N6886.T4.B3
April 13: 2nd Floor Octavos ND553.R2R13 - ND623.B374.A774 1960; A-Floor Octavos N6886.T4.B3 - N7017.F725 1996
April 14: A-Floor Octavos N7017.F725 1996 - N7432.5.A78M36 1997; 2nd Floor Octavos ND623.B374.A774 1960 - ND653.G7D67
April 15: A-Floor Octavos N7432.5.A78M36 1997 - N8354.f67 2004; 2nd Floor Octavos ND653.G7D67 - ND992.63.K36A4 2012
April 16: 2nd Floor Quartos ND237.W16.A4 2017b - ND553.B915A4 2006bq
April 19: 2nd Floor Quartos ND553.B915A4 2006bq - ND621.S6C46 1997q 


Study-Browse Appointments and Public Services:
Reserve seats in our Marquand spaces in Firestone Library's Scribner Library and West Atrium Reading Room, located on C-floor.  

Public Services: Services resume in Firestone Library's Scribner Library and West Atrium Reading Room, located on the C-floor, including viewing of requested materials (as available), access to public scanners (COVID-19 restrictions may still be in effect), assigned study shelves, print reserves, and in-person reference services.  

Reference and Instruction Services: We will continue offering in-person and virtual reference and instruction services throughout the spring semester. Please reach out to for your reference and research needs.  

Digitization Services: We will continue accepting and fulfilling regular digitization requests beginning March 22, 2021. Please expect delays for items in transit to storage facilities for about 1 week. 

Special Collections View Appointments, Public Services, & Teaching with Collections
Beginning March 22, 2021: Special collections and oversized folio materials will be available for viewing by appointment only. Teaching with Marquand’s special collections will be available in our new classroom located on the B-floor of Firestone Library or in designated classrooms in Firestone Library's Special Collections as available.
May 10 – May 14, 2021: All Marquand vault materials, oversized folios, elephant and super elephant sized folios will be moved to the Firestone Special Collections Vault and other offsite locations. They will not be available for viewing or use in teaching for approximately 1 week.  


June 2021: Construction begins on the new Princeton University Art Museum and McCormick Hall.

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions.

Written by Holly Hatheway, Head, Marquand Library of Art & Archaeology

Media contact: Barbara Valenza, Director of Library Communications