Graduate Student FAQ regarding book pick-up and in-house digitization services

What is the reopening schedule for branch libraries?

We expect the branch libraries to reopen for priority services only around the same time Firestone does or shortly thereafter. There may be a few specific delays due to construction schedules or special circumstances that affect one or two branch libraries.

Will there be access to non-circulating collections, such as Special Collections and Marquand’s collections, or materials from ReCAP?

No, we do not expect to provide access to non-circulating collections. ReCAP is scheduled to be back online when Firestone re-opens, with circulating items from ReCAP to be picked up through the contact-free pickup service.

Will there be access to Interlibrary Loan, Borrow Direct, or other borrowing services?

We expect that access to services such as ILL and Borrow Direct will take some time to reopen. They depend on the reopening schedules of other institutions, and the timelines are quite different across states and countries.

What should I do with items that need to be returned? 

You can bring items to the Firestone book drop as long as you do not have a large number of items. Please see further details on our website.

Will the Library loan carts for students who need to return or pick up many items?

Yes, with sufficient notice, we will try to accommodate cart loan requests by appointment, pending availability of carts.  

Are there options to pick up by car?

Yes, we can make arrangements by appointment for parking on Rivers Way near Firestone, with sufficient notice. 

Research is often supported by viewing all of the books on a shelf. Is there a way to browse remotely? 

In the catalog listings there is a link to “Browse Related items,” which might be helpful. Also, requests for digitization of table of contents and indices can be made sending an email to: We encourage you to contact your subject librarian for research support.

Screenshot of item in library catalog, highlighting the "Browse related items" option

Will graduate study rooms or carrels be available for use, and when? What safety precautions is the Library taking? Will there be a counter that shows how many patrons are currently in the Library, so people can make informed decisions about using library spaces?

We do not expect to open study rooms or carrels for patron use at this time. University Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) will advise us on a timeline for such space usage.

Will reference material in the graduate study rooms be available digitally or otherwise?

You can request items to be digitized by visiting our catalog, searching the item for availability, then click on "Request Pick-up or Digitization" and follow instructions. You can also email requests to, and we will do our best to handle requests in a timely manner.  

Will the Library be employing graduate students?

Yes, the Library is participating in several University programs to continue to hire student workers, including graduate students, for the summer and afterwards.

Will subject specialists provide workshops to learn more about conducting subject-specific/archival research online?

Yes, subject specialists are frequently providing events and workshops for students, faculty, and staff. You can find them on our Events and Workshops page. To suggest a workshop, you can reach out to your subject librarian, or send an email to

Will the Library temporarily extend privileges to recently graduated students?

If authorized by University administrators, the Library will explore ways to support students who have recently graduated.

Will the Library provide sanitizer or personal protective equipment, such as masks, for patrons who don’t have any?

Masks will be available at library entrances for patrons who do not bring one with them. Hand sanitizer will also be available at several locations in each library.

Will the Library ship/deliver books for patrons who are not in the area?

We are exploring options for mail deliveries.

Is the Library working with other regional libraries/archives to help digitize or provide access to other collections?

Yes, we are already working with HathiTrust, and we are also coordinating with other institutions through several consortia such as Borrow Direct, IvyPlus Confederation and ReCAP. Please feel free to send suggestions to with any specific institutions or collections that are of interest to you.

How will the Library communicate policies, guidelines, and changes to students in a timely manner?

Please continue to check the library homepage. We will also send Grad School contacts significant updates with a request to share on the Grad Student Slack and/or other channels. The PUL banner will be continuously updated with new information. Up-to-date announcements are also available on our Phased Resumption of On-Site Services page, and our Remote Support page provides more information about how we are supporting teaching, learning, and research remotely.