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Lewis Library offers a robust technological environment for supporting faculty and students for teaching and research. MAC and PC public computers are available throughout the library. They have basic and subject-specific software and are connected to the Internet. Printing stations are clustered with the public computers and scanners are accessible from the 1st and 4th floors.

The Map and Geospatial Information Center offers training, support, and specialized hardware and software for those working with geospatial data and geographic information systems (GIS).

Hardware and Software

Public computers, both PCs and Macs, as well as printers and scanners, are available throughout Lewis Library. Wireless access is available throughout Lewis. Power and Internet connections are available at carrels and tables. 


Specialized software to support academic departments and research needs is available on public computers in Lewis Library.  

Lewis 1st floor:

  1. Public computers (PCs) are located on the counters facing the Atrium windows.
  2. 2 PCs and 2 MACs are at 1 table near the entrance.  Network printer nearby.

Lewis 2nd floor:

  1. E-Classroom (Rm. 225) A 20 PC classroom with specialized software is located on this floor. Librarians offer instruction sessions and workshops; some sessions are reserved for drop-in help.
  2. Outside the E-Classroom is a counter with 4 public PCs and a network printer.

Lewis 3rd floor:

  1. Power and network connectivity at all carrels and tables.
  2. Cluster of 4 MACs and a cluster of 4 PCs with a network printer.
  3. Group study rooms 304 and 305 have wall-mounted display monitors.

Lewis 4th floor:

  1. Power and network connectivity at all carrels and tables.
  2. Same setup as Tech Room. MAC, PC, 2 scanners and network printer.
  3. Cluster with 4 PCs.
  4. Group study room 406 has wall-mounted display monitor.

Lewis A-floor:

  1. Public computers, 2 MACs and 2 PCs available at table near elevator.
  2. Public computers, 3 PCs, and Pharos network printer also on this floor.

Fine Hall Wing:

  1. Public computers, 6 PCs available near circulation desk.
  2. Pharos printers, 2, available near circulation desk.
  3. Scanpro microforms scanner near circulation desk.

Printing and Scanning


There are Pharos networked printers on each floor of the library. A Princeton netID is required to print from library public computers to these printers. Walk-in users must go to the Firestone Library Access Office for printing privileges. 

A color Pharos networked printer is located on Lewis 1st floor, to the right of the front doors. The cost for color printing is 75¢ per page. You must first set up an account at the Marquand Library in McCormick Hall and ask to speak with a regular staff member (student employees cannot do this for you). You can do this the following days and times: Monday-Thursday from 8:30am-10:00pm, Friday from 8:30am-6:00pm, and Sunday from 2:00pm-10:00pm.. Once money is deposited in this account you will be able to use the color printer. See http://marquand.princeton.edu/printing for more details.

Instructions for Printing to Pharos Print Stations from a laptop.

Poster Printing:

Student poster printing is available at Print and Mail Services, at 201 Nassau St. Please see their Large Format Printing webpage.

You may also print posters at Bowen Hall.

The GIS Center will print only projects and class presentations related to GIS, and the need to reproduce print or digital maps from the Library's collection. 


There are two BookScanStations on A-floor, one near the elevators, and one across from the Fine Hall Wing Information Desk. The scanners quickly and easily convert books, documents, and photos in pdf, Word, jpeg or html files. You can scan to a usb drive, to Google Docs or to your email. You do not need an ID to use the BookScanStations.

Flatbed scanners are available in Lewis Library connected to the project workstations in the cluster on the 4th floor. These workstations offer a broad array of graphics software. A public scanner is also available near the Fine Hall Wing entrance to the library on A-Floor.

A large format HPDesignJet color scanner is available, for GIS and MAP printing only, in the GIS Center/Map Room in Room 228. For details about printing contact the staff at 8-3247.

A Scanpro microforms scanner is in the computer cluster across from the Fine Hall Wing Information desk and is linked to the Pharos printers. 


Copiers are located on the 1st, 2nd, and A-Floors of Lewis, and in Fine Hall Wing. A color copier is also available on Lewis 2nd floor. All machines have readers only (no coins accepted). The readers accept University ID Cards valued with PAW Points as well as generic copy cards (Pre-valued and departmental debit copy cards). They do not accept credit cards or coins.

Generic copy cards can be purchased from the staff in 106 or A15 only Monday – Friday, 9am – 4:30pm, or at other locations, including the OIT Solutions Center in Frist. Faculty, staff, and students may add PAW Points to their ID Card at the Princeton University Online Card Office.


Lewis Library has 2 laptops for circulation. The Library will lend to valid Princeton undergrad and grad students University ID holders only. These PC computers are equipped with Microsoft Office software can connect to the campus network with an included ethernet cable.

They will be available at the Lewis Information Desk and can be checked out for five hours but may be renewed.

Tables with data ports are available throughout the library. All study tables and carrels have power and data connections. 

University ID holders may also connect their personal laptops to the wireless throughout the building.

Please see our borrowing policy for more details. 

Instructions for Printing to Pharos Print Stations from a laptop

For more information, contact lewiscir@princeton.edu.

Technology Help

The best source for help with technology is either the New Media Center staff in the Lewis building or the HelpDesk at OIT.  The Lewis Library staff may be able to help with some of your questions. If you have problems with library equipment you can also email the Library Systems Office staff.

Scanning. Information on where to get training and other scanning facilities in the campus libraries.

OIT clusters and their locations 

Specialized software is available on public computers. If there is a science-related software package not available on Lewis computers, please contact lewiscir@princeton.edu. 

Software for purchase by Princeton-affiliated users.